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Chemical Dilution, Accuracy, and Documentation in a Hospitality Laundry Setting

Chances are that your laundry room has an automatic chemical injection system installed, but do you know if it is injecting the correct amount of chemical in each load? How are you preventing caustic chemicals from damaging hoses and leaking onto the machine, costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs?

Not enough chemical leads to poor wash results, and too much chemical can cause damage to the machine and the linens; both can have negative consequences on your guests experience as well as your bottom line. Most chemical dosing systems have pumps which rely on an inaccurate squeeze tube method to draw chemical from the container and deliver it to the washer. Incorrectly calibrated, damaged, and/or poorly maintained pumps will not provide the consistent results your guests have come to expect. Our chemical provider, UNX Inc., solves these problems with the introduction of their new chemical dispensing systems, the MicroTron™ and the MiniTron™.

The UNX equipment delivers extraordinary performance in a small footprint. Able to dispense up to 6 chemicals to 2 or 3 different washers, these systems provide superior dispensing capability while also providing detailed production reports. Both systems measure the amount of chemical by weight and volume, providing verified chemical "Truth in Delivery." This ensures that the exact amount of chemical is being dispensed into every load, every time. Capable of numerous wash formulas, this equipment can store unique formulations for every piece of linen in your Hotel with automatic formula select.

Not only can you visually verify the correct amount of chemical is being dosed, but the MiniTron and MicroTron actually dilute the chemical with water prior to delivering it to the pump.

Because of the incredibly corrosive nature of some laundry chemicals, having them diluted is a great way to extend the life of your chemical delivery hoses, as well as prevent damage to the machine they are hooked up to. Undiluted chemical can ruin many expensive parts if it is not flushed into the machine properly. Motors and inverters, which are some of the most expensive parts to replace are usually located at the bottom rear of the machine, which puts them in a spot where they are more than likely to get damaged if the chemical equipment wasn't installed or maintained properly. With The MiniTron, you don't have to worry about that anymore.

Additionally, the MiniTron and MicroTron offer an easy to use touch screen control, automatic low chemical level alarms, and can even be connected to Wi-Fi to view the logs of every wash.

Due to current events, sanitization of linens and your wash processes are being scrutinized more than ever before.

Accurate and consistent documentation of your sanitization process provides a better image of your practices, and can increase guests confidence in their stay at your hotel.

For qualifying customers, the dispensing equipment and the service on the equipment are provided free of charge!

Call Commercial Laundry Sales & Service today to find out how your Hotel can provide a more consistent wash, waste less laundry chemical, and also help to prevent damage to your machines.

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