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Sanitizing Your Laundry With the Power of Ozone!

Traditionally, linens are sanitized with the help of an extended hot water bath, or with chemical sanitizers. While effective, these methods raise your utility bills, increase your spending on chemicals, and slow down your wash process. However, another way to sanitize linens exists, and you can (almost) pull it out of thin air: Ozone.

What is ozone?

Simply put, ozone is a high energy molecule composed of 3 oxygen atoms, as opposed to 2, like the oxygen we breathe. Its most commonly mentioned in relation to pollution and the atmosphere, but as an extremely powerful oxidizer, it has uses in many industries. Ozone is created in the atmosphere when lightning strikes. The electricity released during a lighting strikes breaks apart the oxygen pairs, where the eagerly join back together as three molecules, and ozone is created.

How does it work?

Ozone is created in a laundry through the use of an oxygen concentrator that feeds into a high energy electric field, where ozone is generated, just like in the atmosphere with lightning. The ozone is then dissolved into the wash water as it enters the machine, where it begins to sanitize on contact.

Ozone attacks bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens by oxidizing the fatty membrane surrounding the pathogen, killing it instantly. Ozone sanitizes over 200x faster than bleach. Because it has a short half life, ozone rapidly degrades after performing its duties, leaving behind non-toxic byproducts.

Why is ozone a great option?

Ozone also has other benefits to the laundry room, the first being it works best in cold water, saving a facility in utility costs. Because it is such a high energy molecule, ozone bounces around rapidly, loosening fibers, and helping to remove tough, deep stains.

When ozone has done its job, all that is left are extremely clean, soft, sanitized linens, and the smell of a fresh spring rain.

These systems are easy to maintain, use a single 120V duplex plug, and the only recurring cost is the electricity. Your system can be automated to add ozone any time you are filling with cold water, meaning there are no extra steps for staff to perform.

What are you waiting for? If you want to talk about Ozone more in depth, give us a call today or stop by to see ours in action!

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